Friday, July 9, 2010

I have been mentioned...

From time to time, other writers and bloggers mention this project or link to it and they often write some humblingly kind words. I like to thank them when I catch these mentions, and link to them here.

In no particular order...

My illustration for page 297 seems to have been very well-received since a number of people linked to that page or specifically posted that image. Sandy Longhorn, a poet from Little Rock, Arkansas and the owner of the blog Myself the only Kangaroo among the Beauty posted a nice write-up describing her reaction to the project and her general feelings about the novel Moby-Dick right here. It fascinates me how so many people seem to fall into one of two points of view regarding Moby-Dick: they are either passionate about the novel or have never read the entire thing and would do everything in their power to avoid doing so. Some, like Sandy, have mentioned that they plan on tackling the book once more with my upcoming book of illustrations by their side, as sort of a visual guide for their reading. That is an incredible honor, and I hope my illustrations, as personal and eccentric as they may be, can add something to the novel.

Terresa Wellborn, a librarian (like me) and writer (not like me) and owner of the blog The Chocolate Chip Waffle posted a kind entry about me here. She found out about me from her friend, one of my favorite and most frequent commenters, the poet Hannah Stephenson who shares her amazing work at her fine blog The Storialist.

Novelist Justine Kilkerr, from Brighton in the United Kingdom, mentioned me on her Tumblr blog Discombobulated in this post here. It is always very exciting for me when this project travels overseas like this. I know it's the internet, but the United Kingdom seems so far from Ohio that there is still something almost magical about knowing this art has been noticed there.

It's still so strange, but in a good way, to be on the receiving end of so much attention. I do appreciate it enormously and I am grateful to everyone who has noticed this project and mentioned me. I hope these posts never seem self-involved or self-congratulatory in any way. They are not at all supposed to be little arenas for me to crow about myself. I write these "I have been mentioned..." posts simply to thank those that have written about me or linked to me, and hopefully to send some visitors back their way.

I think that is all that has happened recently. I try to catch them all but I worry sometimes I miss someone. Let me know if I do.


  1. Thanks for the links! I'm in such awe of your project.

  2. I found your page from a tweet by movie critic Roger Ebert.

    I fall in the 2nd category on Moby Dick. I switched out of honors English in 10th grade after we started to read Moby Dick. It was more that I hated the teacher. :)


  3. You are very welcome Sandy. And thank you as well.

  4. Carol, thank you for sharing that, I can see how a teacher would have a dramatic impact on any reading you might have done. "Moby-Dick" is an immensely challenging and prickly book, and even now after multiple readings I sometimes come across a chapter and think "How did people slog through this?" Nonetheless, it is also a tremendously rewarding read, and the greatest honor for me would be if my illustrations helped some reluctant readers approach the book again to see it in a new light. But I know that is a very very lofty goal.

    And Roger Ebert? Wow! Again, I am stunned at how news of this project has traveled!

  5. And here ("...I think this is an awesome idea...")

  6. I love Moby Dick, and I think that your vision really embodies the imagery in the novel. Seeing your work was like reading the Melville's masterpiece all over again. I can't wait to see what you will create based on some of the later pages.

  7. Anna, thank you very much for pointing that one out. On Monday I will amend this entry to include that mention as well. I am curious what book they will choose since there have already been such unusual suggestions.

  8. C. Garzi, thank you, and that is an absolutely staggering compliment. That is certainly what I hope to accomplish, but Melville's work is so massive, so powerful, and so dazzlingly complex I often feel I am falling far short of what he was able to create with words alone. I keep trying though.

    I, too, often think about the later pages these days. I have some ideas, but some of those scenes are daunting. I have to remember though that there are many pages to go before I get nearer to the end, so I must simply focus on each day's work and do my best.

  9. The Ebert tweet was retweeted by The New York Review of Books, as well

  10. Sean, you of all people probably have a pretty accurate idea of how paradoxically thrilling and unsettling that is for someone like me. You were right in one of your earlier emails, this project seems to be gathering more visitors rather than the obvious. I can only hope they are not disappointed with what they find here.

  11. I'm late to this post, but for as many blogs as I read (blush), it's often a hit and miss affair...

    Thanks for the link back to my blog. Librarians rock!! :)

    PS: I posted another one of your Moby-Dick pics to my Tumblr blog today (aperfectcommotion). Linking back to you. :)

  12. Many thanks Terresa, I truly do appreciate those who like my work enough to keep sharing it with others.


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